> > Sep 07 10:12:40 mod_quotatab/1.2.13[14058]: no quota entry found, turning QuotaEngine off
> > Sep 07 10:12:51 mod_quotatab/1.2.13[14058]: SITE QUOTA requested by user casper

> This suggests that you do not have an entry in your QuotaLimitTable which
> applies to user 'casper'.
> > # id ftp
> > uid=113(ftp) gid=113(ftp) groups=113(ftp)
> > # id casper
> > uid=1000(casper) gid=1000(casper)
> > groups=1000(casper),20(dialout),24(cdrom),25(flopp y),29(audio),46(plugdev),113(ftp)
> >
> > What's wrong?

> Using the 'id' command in the shell may not be sufficient, especially if
> you have proftpd configured to use an AuthUserFile or mod_sql or somesuch
> for user information, rather than the system /etc/passwd and /etc/group
> files for user information.

Actually, I think I've found the problem -- it's a bug in mod_quotatab:


Please add yourself to the CC list in that bug report in order to be
informed whenever a patch/fix becomes available.


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