On Sun, 27 Aug 2006, Bikerepairman - wrote:

>>> Can anyone tell me what I do wrong in my config?
>>> a snip from my config is seen below. At the moment, all virtual hosts have
>>> the same setup (except for the default server directive)
>>> starting the service gives no errors.

>> Do you have the same in all configurations?
>> If not, do any of the names resolve to the same IP address? You can only
>> have one virtual FTP server listening on the same socket. FTP unlike HTTP
>> does not contain a host header which it can pass off to the server to
>> inform it which virtualhost it is trying to access.

> The is not the same in all configs.
> ....
> All domains resolve to the same IP adress; (All domains are hosted
> 'in-house' on one server) local network and from the internet.
> How do I let the servers listen to different sockets then?

If all of the domains are hosted on 1 IP address, is it safe to say that
there is a Unix account for each website? If so, you only need 1 ftp
server configuration, which does not even require a virtual host.
Everyone logs in to the same ftp server and their access is determined by
their account name.

Does that make sense in your environment?


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