On 18.08.06 16:41, Padiyath Sreekumaran wrote:
> Hello,
> We use proftp for our anonymous ftp server and very happy with the
> SW.
> Now comes the following questions from the users:

Please configure your mailer to correctly wrap lines. 3 spaces at the
beginning are useless, and it often results in least word being moved to new
line (w/o those spaces)

> 1. Can I send password encrypted over the network with all ftp
> clients
> from OS Windows, Linux, HP Unix, etc.?

mod_tls can do that.

> 2. Can I transfer data also in encrypted mode over the net with
> different
> ftp clients?

mod_tls can do that

> To send password in encrypted mode I must compile proftp with
> mode_tls
> .Some users requires to transfer username/password + data
> in encrypted mode. As system manager I would like to know what I
> have
> to do on the server machine and what the user has to do on the
> client
> machine.(which ftp client he has to use)

google for tls-enabled FTP clients, or just look at

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