> Sorry, but it does not work. I must use quotes, 'cause my full regexp
> contains white spaces
> PathAllowFilter "^[a-zA-Z0-9_\.\$()-]+$|^New folder$"
> But I tried without quotes, with double antislashes or not... does not work

OK. Using my regex-testing tool:


I was able to find a pattern which may work for you:

PathAllowFilter "^[][a-zA-Z0-9_\\.\\$()-]+$|^New folder$"

The man page for "regex" helped to supply a little more information:

To include a literal `]' in the list, make it the first
character (following a possible `^'). To include a lit-
eral `-', make it the first or last character, or the sec-
ond endpoint of a range. To use a literal `-' as the
first endpoint of a range, enclose it in `[.' and `.]' to
make it a collating element (see below). With the excep-
tion of these and some combinations using `[' (see next
paragraphs), all other special characters, including `\',
lose their special significance within a bracket expres-

Hence why I'm hoping that the addition of "][" to your bracket expression,
rather than "[]", may work.


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