TJ Saunders wrote:

>> No, but I've never seen anything in a radius log about adding
>>attributes to an authentication packet. I'm really confused about how
>>this is supposed to work. It would be really helpful to have a sample
>>radius/sqlserver and radius/users to go with mod_radius, because it's
>>clearly not working out of the box.

>I don't like providing examples because a) people tend to copy them
>blindly, without understanding how it's supposed to work, and then
>complain about it not working, and b) any examples provided would, by
>necessity, be specific to the RADIUS server used -- and not everyone uses
>the same RADIUS server, or even the same configuration for the same RADIUS

Unfortunately, without some guidance, this makes mod_radius with
proftpd useless. I just don't know what it's expecting to get. I need
*something* to work with, rather than stumbling around blindly in the
dark like I'm doing now.
So far, I've had to ask about RadiusUserInfo, which really seems to
be a *required* tag if the RadiusEngine is on, and that cascased down
into having to build my own dictionary file. And that's just for
I'll take any example. This shouldn't be that complicated to get
running, but the lack of information is maddening.

-Greg G

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