> I noticed that in discussion on the dev list, you mention that it would
> be included in the release cycle, later comment that its only a
> candidate for 1.3RC1, and that it clearly didn't make it. Why was it
> not included and whats the possibility for it being included in the
> future?

It was not included because, as commented in the report, I think that the
same effect can be achieved by using the existing Auth API, without making
changes to mod_sql's API.

> Your comments at the end of that bug say the same thing. Is there a
> pointer to doing this? I certainly don't have a problem trying to write
> a module that handles this case (have mod_sql get the data out and some
> other module authenticate it the way I need to), but I'm not quite sure
> where to look for documentation or examples.

The Developer's Guide has a lot of documentation (although it can always
be improved; just let me know of any questions or things you'd like to see
added to it!). An existing module that you might be able to use as an
example is the mod_auth_pam module, which ONLY handles the "check" Auth

If that doesn't provide everything, feel free to contact me offlist and
I'll provide more example code.


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