> I had "RadiusLog file /var/log/ftpradius" in there. The "file" was
> an invalid token, but I never saw a message to the effect that I have
> RadiusLog too many tokens.

> Interestingly, proftpd says this:
> mothra.int.ctc.net (localhost[]) - dispatching auth request
> "getpwnam" to module mod_auth_unix
> mothra.int.ctc.net (localhost[]) - no such user 'ggtest103'
> mothra.int.ctc.net (localhost[]) - USER ggtest103: no such user
> found from localhost [] to
> mothra.int.ctc.net (localhost[]) - dispatching POST_CMD_ERR
> command 'PASS (hidden)' to mod_delay
> mothra.int.ctc.net (localhost[]) - mod_delay/0.4: selecting
> median interval from 19 values

Does the debugging output show anything above, anything like:

dispatching auth request "getpwnam" to module mod_radius

> Ummm. Hmmm. I can put in whatever attributes I want to my Radius
> server, I've got the ones that I expect to be useful, uid, gid, homedir,
> etc. How to I tell proftpd to actaully get them from the radius server
> (assuming I can get it to do the authentication.)

The RadiusUserInfo directive would look something like:

RadiusUserInfo $(123:100) $(124:100) $(125:/tmp) $(126:/bin/bash)

where the 123-126, above, are the attribute IDs you configure in your
RADIUS server for UID (the 123 above), GID (124), home directory (125) and
shell (126). These assume that your RADIUS server is using a Vendor ID of
4 ("Unix"). If your RADIUS server uses a different vendor ID, then you
will need to configure that as well:

RadiusVendor MyRADIUSServerVendorName 321

Hope this helps,

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