Hi all,

I am running proftpd 1.2.10 on Debian (1.2.10-11, more version info at
the end of this message) and I am experiencing a child-server crash.

Crashes happen not completely on random basis, most of the time they
happen on the first login attempt for each user after server startup.

Tests were made with FileZilla (Windows) and gFTP (Linux). Some users
reported that it never crashes with the ftp command-line client (Linux).

I will attach a debug output of a crashed session (crashed.log) and a
partial debug output of a normal session (ok.log).

Version information is :

linweb:~# proftpd -vv
- ProFTPD Version: 1.2.10 (stable)
- Scoreboard Version: 01040002
- Built: do mrt 22 18:28:32 CET 2001
- Module: mod_core.c
- Module: mod_xfer.c
- Module: mod_auth_unix.c
- Module: mod_auth_file.c
- Module: mod_auth.c
- Module: mod_ls.c
- Module: mod_log.c
- Module: mod_site.c
- Module: mod_auth_pam.c
- Module: mod_quotatab.c
- Module: mod_ratio.c
- Module: mod_tls.c
- Module: mod_rewrite.c
- Module: mod_radius.c
- Module: mod_wrap.c
- Module: mod_quotatab_file.c
- Module: mod_delay/0.4
- Module: mod_readme.c
- Module: mod_ifsession.c
- Module: mod_cap/1.0

This problem looks like bug 1990 which was fixed a long time ago.

If you need more information, you just need to ask


Dario Spagnolo
Digital Riviera SARL

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