On 26.05 09:57, Bernd Muent wrote:
> Matus UHLAR - fantomas schrieb:
> >please, If you are writing a new post, send it as new mail and not
> >as reply/followup on old mail. It makes problems in threading clients.
> >Thank you.

> I'm sorry.
> >and read the FAQ, that will help you.

> All right.
> I found:
> 9. How do I setup a virtual FTP server?
> You'll need to configure your host to be able to handle multiple IP
> addresses. This is often called "aliasing", and can generally be
> configured through an IP alias or dummy interface. You need to read your
> operating system documentation to figure out how to do this. Once your
> have the host configured to accept the additional IP address that you
> wish to offer a virtual FTP server on, use the
> configuration directive to create the virtual server:
> ServerName "My virtual FTP server"

> So there seems to be no change to get virtual hosts running on one IP :-(
> But the interesting question is: why?
> Every apache can handle 1000s of domains on one IP. Every ISP does this.
> Is this a limitation of the ftp protocol?


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