I'm having some problems with filenames on OS X, that contains characters
beyond US-ASCII code sets, like characters in the ISO-8859-1 (Latin) set.

The problems has to do with how the filename gets translated when
transfered. If the ftp client transfers the name in ISO-8859-1, with a
special character like '=E6', OS X will not store it. The open call fails wit=
an invalid filename. If the client transfers it in UTF-8, the file will be
stored without problems. Side note: On Solaris you don't have this problem
because that UFS file system will store both.

I know that this falls outside the RFC's. But it is a real problem. Some FT=
clients only support the US-ASCII / ISO-8859-1 single byte character
settings, which works fine as long as you stay off the special characters.
Other FTP clients has options to set the text encoding, but it is an option
the user has to set.

So I need to get filename translated to UTF-8, if the filename will not be
accepted by the underlying OS. Is this best done in mod_rewrite.c, in
catching the failure of the open call on the filename, or at some third
point ?

Thomas Schneider

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