At 14:01 5/11/2005, Xavier wrote:
>I'm facing a strange problem with a proftpd server (1.2.9).
>We have users who upload files via wifi hotspots.
>Since the ISP changed the hotspots config (behing double NAT now),
>users can't upload anymore.
>What's strange: routing is ok, access lists or firewalls are ok.
>The TCP session is established, banner sent to the client.
>The client send "USER username", the server send a ACK then nothing!
>And nothing relevant in the logs!
>It's not a MTU problem, nor a passive/active one...

Just to be clear, you say the banner is sent okay. You mean that you see the connected message, then the 'hello' message, then the 'server ready' message, then the "enter userid" prompt, and it is after all that that things go wrong?

While you say it is not an MTU problem, I just want to check, as weird routing and firewall issues do come up with the first big 'hello' message.

Connected to
220-The use of BirdBrain's computer and network resources is intended for
business purposes by authorized personnel only. Unauthorized access is
strictly prohibited. Resource utilization may be monitored. You have
connected to a private FTP server. If you are not authorized to use
this server, disconnect now!

To report problems using this site email
Include the current time Wed May 11 14:47:24 2005 and your userid.

220 Budgie FTP server ready.
User (ftp.budgie.comnone)):

I ask because one set of routers at work had problems with the length of my 'hello' message, the one referenced by the DisplayConnect statement. I had
to remove text until the whole message was somewhat less than 512 bytes (current 422 bytes). Before that I would have problems at or just after the "220-The use of ..." message above.

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