> I'm aware that ftp/tls has issues when behind NAT'ing firewalls. We're
> currently NAT'ing behind a Pix and I'd like to know if anybody has been
> able to successfully do secure transfers in this kind of setup. If it
> can't be done, then I won't waste my time trying, but if it's do-able,
> it will add a lot of value to my customer community.

The CCC FTP command was added to the FTPS Draft (there's a copy of the
Draft in the proftpd source distribution, under the doc/rfc/ directory)
for just this situation.

ProFTPD 1.3.0rc1 has support for the CCC command. From the RELEASE_NOTES
file for 1.3.0rc1:

The mod_tls module now supports the CCC FTP command, which can
be used by FTPS clients to secure data transfers with FTPS
servers in a firewalled environment.

Hope this helps,

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