I just triet do implement (successfully) lastlog procedure on proftpd-1.2.10
in SQL:

SQLNamedQuery savelog UPDATE "last=now(),lastfrom='%h',lastserv='%v' where userid='%u'" users
SQLLog PASS savelog
SQLNamedQuery showlast SELECT "last from users where userid='%u'"
SQLNamedQuery showfrom SELECT "lastfrom from users where userid='%u'"
SQLNamedQuery showserv SELECT "lastserv from users where userid='%u'"
SQLShowInfo PASS "230" "Last login at %{showlast} from %{showfrom} to %{showserv}"

works nicely.

uhlar@fantomas% ftp home
Connected to home.nextra.sk.
220 FTP Server (home.nextra.sk) ready.
Name (home:uhlar):
331 Password required for uhlar.
230-User uhlar logged in.
230 Last login at 2005-05-10 19:52:11 from fantomas.fantomas.sk to
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.

However, some optimalization would be nice for SQLNamedQuery to run select
query just once.
Should I fill a bugreport about this?

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