I want to have an upload event, such that whenever a file is uploaded to any
directory with a specific name, the file is moved to a different directory.

Yes, I've read the docs & faq and know all about the info on this topic
presented there. I was going to use "mod_exec" for this, but I'm trying to
adhere to the authors comments about "dont use this". Then a suggestion is
made to write a script to monitor the directories and check for
non-incrementing file sizes. Then a suggestion is made to use a named pipe.
I'm comfortable with either of those solutions, but, not wanting to
re-invent the wheel.

Has anyone already written a script to monitor the upload dirs and move the
file, or written something in C or a shell script to use the named pipe
approach? The only example I saw was perl, which I don't know.

Again, I could write it myself, but I'd just as soon borrow someone elses
script who has already done this.


Jay West

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