Last december-january I asked the present group for help
about internet connection with my nokia 6630 cellular phone.
Thanks to that help, I've been navigating for about three months now
and must say that it seems to work great: in three months it only
failed two or three times.
I wish to thank so much you all that provided help,
in particular James Carlson who gave the final solution.
A complete report of the procedure I followed is at:


.. Further suggestions to still improve are always welcome,
although it doesn't seem necessary at the moment.
Cheers and thanks again,

P.S:: I wanted to reply to that post: 'ppp and nokia 6630' via web
interface, but
the 'Reply' button is not present at the end of old messages, so
I had
to start a new topic.
How do I access the present newsgroup via nntp server?
I couldn't find it under gmane.