Hi all,

thank you very much for your help (and patience, sometimes I'm
quite dull...). Now I've got a working connection with bluetooth.

As you noticed, it's not a PPP problem and I'm not glad to say that
the cause of all troubles was only my stupidity. :-/

I simply tried to connect to the remote server using the "Hands-Free
Audio Gateway" service instead of "Dial Up Networking" one, and
obviously it rejected my requests. When I wrote the file
/etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf (rfcomm setups the serial port emulation
for bluetooth devices) I wrote '1' (the Audio service) instead of '2'
(DUN) and nothing worked. Now I'm browsing the web without cable and
I'm very happy! :-)

Again, thank you very much: I don't know how I can help you (I'm a
psychiatrist, I hope you'll never need me! ;-)) but if you think I can
be useful, don't exhitate to write me! :-)

Good bye,

Gianfranco Bertozzi
Linux User #183585