Hi all
A couple of months ago I successfully set up a vpn between two remote
sites, using ppp over vtund.
Site 1: T3, up to 43Mb dl/ul
Site 2: 3 dsl boxen 20Mb/2Mb dl/ul

So, theorically, the best, before payload bandwidth between the two
sites is 1*3Mb==> 9Mb.
It happens that default mru/mtu options in ppp makes the bandwidth
collape when using multilink.
I tested the max mru/mtu possible according to the man page (16384), and
i worked better. I'm totally green with ppp multilink options, is there
a easy way to calculate the right mru/mtu for ppp? Should i set the
mtu/mru according to the overall bandwidth or each link?

Any help appreciated.