My company uses a dynamic password (RSA secureID) for authentication.
I'm trying to do a dial to the remote server, which I haven't had to do
before from my XP laptop.

The problem is that my password expires (only valid for 60 seconds)
before DUN is able to complete the PPP connection. My laptop takes a
few seconds before it dials, a few seconds to negotiate a connection,
etc. This causes me to get an invalid username/password/domain error
from DUN.

I can dial in and connect via hyperterminal fine. I get to enter my
username and password, select PPP and then enter my Domain. I get a IP
address and a MTU value. So I think that I'm OK in terms of getting
validated. But, again, DUN takes too long to do the handshake, so the
password presumably is expiring before the authentication is finished.

Is there any way to have DUN work in a "terminal mode"? That way I
would be entering the password as it now appears on my RSA fob?

Thanks for the thoughts. I'd email my tech support folks, but I don't
have their email/phone handy as I'm new to the company.