James Carlson (james.d.carlson@sun.com) writes:
>"Song Networks" writes:

Sorry for posting three times in succession - but now I think I have
found the first answer on the question.

>> I am using GPRS and PPP and want at the same time as I have a GPRS
>> dataconnection alos query the modem about the Signal strenght

> >
>> Is this possible?

>Currently, in pppd, no.
>Theoretically, one could modify the kernel bits (you didn't mention
>it, and pppd runs on a variety of systems, but I'm wildly guessing
>that you might be using Linux) so that they pause the data stream,
>drop the modem to command mode (either using the hackish "+++"
>mechanism or the more reliable AT&D1 DTR mechanism), send the AT

I don't know if the typical GPRS modems (PCMCIA/CF/cable to mobile
phone) do support DTR
so the most common mechanism would be as you have described.

The most convenient interface would be some ioctl("AT command",

>command, gather the response, send ATO to go back on-line, and

>the data stream.
>I don't know of any implementations of such a thing, though, and
>making it reliable and usable would be quite a challenge.

Well, its a matter of the number of intersted parties and
I would volunteer to beta-test.

>> I am using the latest and greatest ppp software from

>This isn't really the best place to ask about new features in pppd.

>ppp-bugs@dp.samba.org and (for the kernel bits)
>linux-ppp@vger.kernel.org might be better places.

Will have look for that (two more e.mail-lists to set up mail