I have a 1005 which appears to have failed (?) I have an 805 to
replace it with but need some help configuring. Attached is the
config that used to work with the 1005... would someone be so kind as
to tell me what the 805 should look like? I would be most grateful.
Communicating with Sun box on serial side using DTE cable with ppp.

Building configuration...

Current configuration:
version 11.2
no service pad
service udp-small-servers
service tcp-small-servers
hostname cisco
(password info)!
interface Ethernet0
ip address
interface Async1
ip address
ip tcp header-compression passive
encapsulation ppp
async default routing
async mode dedicated
peer default ip address
no cdp enable
router igrp 1
no ip classless
no logging console
line con 0
exec-timeout 0 0
line 1
modem InOut
autocommand ppp
flowcontrol hardware
line vty 0 4
password vtp