Hello everyone,
We are building a new web based e-mail client
"Fiezel" that will support IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocols. Will be written in
I am trying to collect all the infomation on SNMP I can get and any other
protocols like POP3 infomation for desinging and developing for php4.
I have also collected the infomation wish I will try to support:

RFC2821: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
RFC2822: Standard for ARPA internet text messages
RFC2060/3501: Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) Version 4rev1
RFC1939: Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3)
RFC2076: Common Internet Message Headers

Does anyone else know of infomation RFC`s, Draft etc.. Maybe also
on software development of this protocol? Any kind of infomation will be
very much usefull. Infomation in developing it with PHP maybe?

Please Advice.

Thanks again,
Best regards,