On 20 Apr 2004 17:54:58 -0700, J. S. Sigler wrote:
> I'm currently tripple booting Debian, FreeBSD, and Windows 98 (for old
> games).
> My problem is that I'm a little of a newbie when it comes to using
> dialup on Linux and don't really have a clue what the FreeBSD
> instructions are talking about with setting up ppp but I'm going to
> try to get dialup with Linux going first.
> I live in Flint, Michigan but travel a lot. Are there any National
> ISPs that support Linux and FreeBSD or who at least have some
> instructions on how to get connected?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Earthlink is great for Linux dialup (never used their 'broadband').
I don't use any of their software at all, just the standard Linux
stuff. You need to run pppconfig on Debian after making sure that
your serial port is configured properly and you have a modem. Or
you might have an onboard card that incorporates both of them.

I'm cross-posting this to comp.protocols.ppp

Are you planning on logging into your home box while on the road?
If so, what do you want to do remotely on your home box?

Earthlink has an 800 number dialup that costs a little more, bu
if all you wanted was mail/news/textmode websearches you could
use any windows box and telnet or putty into your homebox from



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