(brijesh) wrote:
> i have an old lap to having a parallel and serial port.
> i want to use this port to ping ethernet ports for testing purposes
> could anyone kindly suggest me how do i achieve thgis using dos
> programing.
> since the laptop is too old the configuration is restricted to :
> 12mb ram
> 30mb HDD
> 1 serial port
> 1 parallel port
> 1 1.44" floppy drive
> i was able to install only MSDOS on it
> can you suggest what else is required for me that enables me to
> communicate to a ethernet port through the serial/parallel port?
> waiting for the reply

I don't know much about networking, and I've never used ethernet
but I have vast experience in using minimum hardware under the
oberon Sys3 OS (non-pre-emptive multitaking, free, developed and
supported at ETH Switzerland - the home of 'the founder of pascal'...).

Recently, I needed to ppp to my ISP via a 'diferent' telco-line, and
since it was problematic to move my oberon or linux box(es) to the
other telco-line, I moved my work on my lap-top:
4 Mb, 1 ser, 1 par, NO FD !

Since oberon-S3 uses a 3 button mouse and the modem needed
the ser-port, the 'roller-ball- mouse' was awkward.
But this minimun hardware was able to manage.

Ethernet, serial (RS232) and parallel ports have different
hardware specs. So how do you expect them to intercommunicate ?
Theoretically one could use a subset of the par-port pins to drive
a ser-port, I supose ? Is ethernet 2 wire ? Apparently, since I
believe it (can) runs over coax. Has it got stricter timing
requirement than the par-port can achieve ? What are its voltage
level requirements, compared to the par-port output ?
These are the questions that you need to answer.

== Chris Glur.

PS oberon S3 is a complete OS with a clean syntaxed language
(pascal simplified & extended for OOP) with compiler etc.
Unbeatable for minimum hardware.
I only use old scrap >= 486 boxes. Can't find any 386s anymore.