Win98: programming dial-up access to the Internet
Hi, folks...

Guess this is a bit out of the focus of this forum but, anyway...

Can anybody indicate me a good tutorial (or pre-cooked code...) to
automate dial-up acces to the Internet under windows 98?

I mean... once I have manually configured all details of a
connection, I want to be able to programmatically
dial-the-preconfigured-number ana activate the internet connection...
and, surely, to shut-down the connection when I please.

Canīt find a clue anywhere on how to to this, and i imagine itīs
not supposed to be rocket science, is it? I can do some tricks in
C/C++, know a bit of COM/ActiveX... so, ANY format , ANY kind of API
indication, tutorial , whatever! is very welcome... Even third-party
libraries that can automate the task interest me, just in case it DOES
happen to be rocket-sci!

Thank you all in advance

Renato Battaglia -