"Rick" writes:
> Does anyone know why ipcp_nakci and lcp_nakci verify the len is greater than
> 2 (CILEN_VOID) before
> processing a CI?

I assume you're looking at this:

* An option we don't recognize represents the peer asking to
* negotiate some option we don't support, so ignore it.
--> while (len > CILEN_VOID) {
GETCHAR(citype, p);
GETCHAR(cilen, p);

That's just an outright bug. I'll fix it in the CVS source. Thanks.

Note that even with a fix, it won't do anything useful. If you have
PFC or ACFC disabled in your options, then pppd won't accept those

(Wouldn't just enabling PFC/ACFC -- which is the default anyway --
work around the problem?)

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