you probably can't do it... and if even if you were able to coerce telnet
into accepting the various binary data streams you would have problems
typing fast enough (or calculating FSCS values fast enough) to satisfy
the timeouts on the other side...


Torgrim Brochmann wrote:

> I'm working on getting a connection set up manually using only my
> Ericsson T65 mobile phone and Hyperterminal. I've been reading a lot
> about different scripts on linux, bsd, windows+++ how to do this.
> I've gotten this far
> AT+CGDCONT 10, "IP"...
> ATD*99***10#
> ...and I get a CONNECT as an answer. The display on my T65 reads
> "Connecting" (well, it actually reads "Ansluter", but that's a
> different story
> Then what?
> If I issue the +++AT-command, I'm able to throw AT-commands at the
> phone while it is connecting, but how do I proceed.
> I do understand that I need som sort of LCP-req and ack, but I've not
> been successfull in achieving this on my telnet-client.
> My T65 is connected using a comport, and all the AT-commands are
> working fine. Is it just not possible to connect through PPP using
> only Hyperterminal?
> Torgrim Brochmann
> Student, computer engineering
> College of Trollhattan/Uddevalla
> Sweden