I am trying to make ppp 2.3.9 work on a uclinux 2.0.38pre7 board. I am
quiet new to device driver writing under linux...
The problem i am facing is that my modem, by design was not linked to
a tty.
So when ppp ioctls for the PPP line discipline ioctl(TIOCSETD) fails
on init, as asyncmap during FSM...

On the other hand I have ptys so I was thinking about having a
user-level program but came accros no solution while reading ppp
source. there must be a userlevel solution. ?

I have choosen a cleaner method of implementing a minimal (read write
ioctl) tty driver to be linked by the modem driver. Is this a good
approach and which function/method may be mandatory?

Thank you very much for advice!