hi ,
i am using mpc8315 power pc... i need to configure the externel
interrupt using ipic... i m using linux 2.6.23 version...
below is my interrupt initialization code which i writtern inside the

static int __init Interrupt_Init(void)
int irq;
struct device_node *np;
np = of_find_node_by_type(NULL, "ipic");


printk("External Interrupt Initialization\n");
if (request_irq(IPIC_IRQ_EXT5, ExtIntHandler,IRQF_DISABLED,
"External Interrupt Handler5", NULL))
printk("Installation of External Interrupt Handler
failed for Interrupt 1 \n");
return 0;

when i use the above code the interrupt get register in OS...i
conformed this by executing "cat /proc/interrupts" in my board. by
executing the command i can see "External Interrupt Handler5" in "/
proc/interrupt " File.

i configured the interrupt for Edge Trigger.... when i interrupt
occurs or when i give the low to corresponding pin, the externel
interrupt is not occuring...

kindly give ur valuable idea regarding this...and if my code is wrong
please provide me the alternate way to conffigure the externel