I just inherited an IBM Power Intellistation, model 275. It has
lots of goodies (tape drive, 2 big SCSI disks, 4GB of RAM) and a
DVI based video card.

According the IBM documentation, the default video card is

GXT135P 2D graphics

When I attempt to install SuSE SLES 10 SP1 from cdrom, I get the
initial prompt to recover or install and select install - all of
which is at a reasonable font size.

The system then does it's magic stuff and I see a bunch of
firmware output (which is normal), and then it starts to boot up
but start seeing ghosted output that is many times larger than it
should be. Two tuxes (dual processor) take up the upper quarter
of the screen, then the SuSE text line shows up but is also way
out of proportion - reminiscent of booting an x86 box and getting
640x480 - but having to scroll around because the display doesn't
appear to be large enough to support that size.

Also, I'm getting alternating lines of white and black - which
makes me think that interlace mode is either non-functional or
being generated on my DVI monitor.

Any thoughts - short of doing the install via a serial ANSI

Thanks in advance,

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