I am facing certain problems while writing a device driver in Linux
to access a peripheral attached to the EBC. May be you could help me
with writing the device driver or cud share ur working driver with me,
if possible.

I've assigned a physical address to the EBC peripheral and configured
the address in EBC0_B3CR register & have set the access parameters in
the EBC0_B3AP register. The whole issue is that I've to work with I/O
memory which is non-cacheable. Iam requesting for the memory range
0x80000000 to 0x8000FFFFF using request_mem_region & have got a
virtual memory address using the ioremap(). I've been asked to ensure
that the TLB entries corresponding to this address range is marked as
cache inhibited & guarded so as to make the memory range non
cacheable. Do I have to manually set up the TLB entries or this is
taken care by the kernel's ioremap() function? BTW, Iam working on the
PPC405Exr processor. Any help would be appreciated.

If possible, cud u share ur working driver wid me? Thanks in advance.

Daylite Moon