My printer died on me, and I found a great deal on a Canon Pixma
MP-160. After reading some things online, I was under the impression
that the Gutenprint MP-150 driver and the SANE Pixma backend driver
should work. Well, the printer driver sort of works (I'm limited to only
600x600 dpi and no other resolutions), but the scanner is not recognized
at all by SANE. Canon does have Linux drivers available (on non-USA web
sites like www.canon-asia.com), but of course they're for i386 only.
They say they are GPL on the web site, and the source code is available
for download at the same location as the i386 binaries, but I haven't
the slightest idea how to compile and install a program from source
code. Does anyone have any suggestions, or would someone be willing to
help me compile the source code?

I'm pretty new to Linux, so please go easy on me! I'm running Debian
Etch PPC GNU/Linux. Thanks!

Mike Freeman
mike [at] freeman-studio [dot] com