I confess to knowing nothing at all that's worth knowing about Mac
computers, being a lifelong PC geek (and CP/M and OS/8 before that).

Downloaded the PPC version of the FC6 DVD ISO and installed on a Macintosh
G4 PPC. Installation went fine, but the system will not boot ... I get
the little file folder with the question mark in it which I assume means
that the computer can't find the boot sector or boot image.

After most of today spent looking for help (including large blocks of time
spent with Google), I found
http://www.bytebot.net/geekdocs/ibook/fedorappc.html which told me to use
"yabootconfig -r /dev/hda2 -b /dev/hda1 --kernel /boot/vmlinuz-* --initrd
/boot/initrd-*" where /dev/hda2 is my root partition and /dev/hda1 is some
kind of Apple-specific boot partition.

Tried that (by first booting the system using the FC6 PPC "Rescue" CD,
which worked), and yabootconfig ran without errors.

Tried to reboot and still get the little file folder with the "?" in the

I remember that, unlike i386 installs, the installer never asked me where
I wanted to put the boot loader... I assumed it just loaded it into The
Right Place (but, maybe not...).

I'm sure this question has been asked many times but as I said I couldn't
find the "right" answers on google or dejanews.

Any assistance gratefully appreciated...