The processor is just a standard G5 PPC processor core with other cores to
do the cell specific things, any PPC distro will run but will not be able
to take advantage of the extra features the Cell processor introduces. Not
sure on graphics though.

Moe Trin wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Mar 2007, in article , Sparky
> posted to the bogus Usenet newsgroups comp.os.linux,,
> and comp.os.linux.questions:
> On the 15th of every month, there is an article posted to the Usenet
> groups news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, and news.lists.misc with the
> Subject of "List of Big Eight Newsgroups", which lists the names and
> purposes of the (roughly) 2300 newsgroups that every news server _should_
> carry. The
> three newsgroups you are posting to are not in that list. You'd have much
> better luck posting to those groups.
> [compton ~]$ grep linux big.8.list.03.15.07 | cut -f1 | column
> comp.os.linux.advocacy comp.os.linux.misc
> comp.os.linux.alpha comp.os.linux.networking
> comp.os.linux.announce comp.os.linux.portable
> comp.os.linux.answers comp.os.linux.powerpc
> comp.os.linux.development.apps
> comp.os.linux.development.system comp.os.linux.setup
> comp.os.linux.embedded comp.os.linux.x
> comp.os.linux.hardware
> comp.os.linux.m68
> [compton ~]$
> 'comp.os.linux.powerpc' is likely to be more appropriate, and I've set the
> Followup-To: header to that group.
>>Yellow Dog and Fedora Core have both been reported running on PS3
>>successfully, the PPC64 distros.

> See the article beginning on page 70 of the April 2007 (issue 156) of
> "Linux Journal" - you may find an on-line copy on
> Apparently, you need two files available on the Internet to even talk to
> the box. One is from Sony ( and the
> other from Terra Soft Solutions
> (
>>My question is this: Can I run ANY PPC64 distribution, or possibly build
>>for PPC64 with any chance of PS3 success?

> I don't know why not, although the LJ article says "Sony actually
> contracted with Terra Soft Solutions to produce a version of it's Yellow
> Dog Linux (henceforth YDL) for the PlayStation 3, a smart move considering
> that Linux people were going to cobble together a solution anyway." That
> suggests that Sony though it possible - though one wonders about the
> video setup (NVIDIA graphic processor with 256 Megs of separate video
> RAM). I also don't know what instruction set the CPU is using - it's an
> IBM processor, and that may require a different compilation.
> Old guy