Andrew J. Brehm wrote:

> I don't see why these cards would be more expensive than a complete
> PowerPC box, and they might be more suitable for the tasks people might
> need a PowerPC box for:

Accellerator and custom hardware companies like Sonnet or Marathon
Computer have a hard time because the cost to manufacture custom hardware
is not cheap on a small scale. The fact that the Genesi PPCG40009 thin
client system is only $600 is amazing[1]. In Nov or Dec 2004 just before
the PPC Mac mini rumors started circulating, I was looking around to buy
just a PPC motherboard to do exactly what you're suggesting; run Linux PPC
or some of the other alternative OSes out there.

> - Linux factor: has to do with Linux. People not interested in the
> PowerPC but with lots of money might buy it.
> What do you think?
> Who would buy such a thing?

Mac mini is pretty cheap these days -- even my PPC mini was less than what
it'd cost for the Genesi system mentioned above but I can also run OS X
whereas it's hard to say if you could get OS X to run on the Genesi
system. I'd be curious to hear otherwise, however.