Hi all,

I've had a look through the posts in this group (and others) but so far
have not found anything so thought I would post a question...

On the PPC 405 is there a quick way to obtain the uptime down to a
fairly good resolution?

I see that I could read /proc/uptime but given the number of times I
need to read this and convert it into the component parts I need it
appears to hit the CPU quite hard and so isn't good enough - I assume
it's because it's reading the file all the time and the maths involved
in the conversion.

I also found that I could use the get_tbu and get_tbl functions but
again converting that into something I can use involves so "heavy"
maths and so hits the CPU quite hard.

Are there any other ways to get the uptime in seconds and milliseconds?
I'm basically looking for a something that returns the same resolution
as the gettimeofday function but is an uptime.

(If this is the wrong group for the question please let me know and
point me in the right direction.)