Hi All,

I am a student in City College of NY and this is my first post to the
group. I am working on Xilinx ML310 board and am trying to port Linux
on that. I followed the instructions provided by xilinx to create the
base PCI design in their website. So i created zImage.elf,
download.bit, and fused them together to create system.ace. then put it
in the compact flash. Now when i tun the systemace the following
messages appear in the terminal and the kernel hangs after the message
"now booting the kernel"

Enter Desired System ACE CF Configuration <0-7>.
0: ACE-loader.
1: Linux w/PCI.
2: VxWorks w/PCI.
3: QNX Demo.
4: Linux EDK Base Build.
5: VxWorks EDK Base Build.
6: User Configuration A.
7: User Configuration B.

Select: sysace: Loading new config 6

Xilinx ML310 Board-Specific Initialization:

ppb_init: dev = 9, id = ac23104c
pci_scan: bus 0, device 1, id 545110b9
pci_scan: bus 0, device 2, id 153310b9
pci_scan: bus 0, device 3, id 545710b9
pci_scan: bus 0, device 7, id 12298086
pci_scan: bus 0, device 8, id 030010ee
pci_scan: bus 0, device 9, id ac23104c
pci_scan: bus 0, device 12, id 710110b9
pci_scan: bus 0, device 15, id 523710b9
sio_init: Device ID = 53 15, Revision = f3.
sio_init: LPT1 base = 0x0378, irq = 5.
sio_init: COM1 base = 0x03f8, irq = 4.
sio_init: COM2 base = 0x02f8, irq = 3.
sio_init: KBC irq = 1, PS2 irq = 1.
sio_init: Super I/O initialization complete.

loaded at: 00400000 004E41F8
board data at: 004E1140 004E1158
relocated to: 0040673C 00406754
zimage at: 00406F25 004E048E
avail ram: 004E5000 08000000

Linux/PPC load: console=ttyS0,9600 ip=off root=/dev/xsysace/disc0/part2
Uncompressing Linux...done.
Now booting the kernel

Any clues as to where i am going wrong? Am using EDK 7.1 to create the
systemace and download.bit

with warm regards,