Hello All,
I'm trying to get Linux working on a ML310 (Virtex-II Pro) board from
Xilinx. There is base hardware configuration from Xilinx which is
working. However, when I create a new hardware configuration I'm having
some problems:
1. Unable to rellocate PCI memory and I/O regions for the bridge and
2. Lost interrupt on hda

I'm working with the sources from linuxppc-2.4.30pre1 (I got them
using rsync from the montavista mirror). The main differences between
the hardware configuration that works and the new one are de addresses
of the BAR regions into the OPB-to-PCI Bridge.

The hard disk is being detected (and other devices attached to the PCI
bus) are being detected without problems, so I assume the PCI address
spaces can be accessed.

Could be the problem caused because the PCI bridge is not fordwaring
the interrupt? I've been looking for the code where the PCI bridge is
configured (DMA and interrupts), but I didn't find it.

Whatever hint of which could be the root of this problem will help me
a lot.

Thanks in advance,