Hi ALL -

I have a Power Mac dual processor G5. I installed Yellow Dog Linux 4.0
on it and I have been having issues connecting to ethernet. Somehow G5
cannot make an ethernet connection and cannot get IP address using
DHCP. I tried to manually activate the ethernet also (Start->System
Settings->Network), but each time, there is a error message saying
"Cannot get IP address. Check Cable". But this is not correct, cause
when I plug the same ethernet cable to my Laptop then I can surf and
get successful network (both outgoing and incoming) communication.

I also tried giving it a Static IP address. But that also does not work
in sense that I cannot ping to my G5 from my Laptop running on same

I also did 'lsmod' to check if module (sun gem) got loaded successfully
and that was also fine. Have checked other obvious things too but
somehow I cannot get my G5 to talk on my network.

Any pointers or hints would be really appreciated!

Thanks ALL in advance for your time!