I just installed Debian Linux (sarge) onto a Mac Mini (kernel
2.6.8). I want to share a 22" ADC Cinema Display between it
and another DVI Mac running Mac OS X. I have a
Compucable/AddLogix Bi-System DVI to ADC KVM box.

The KVM works fine for the Mac running OS X, but it doesn't
work for the Mini running Linux -- the screen is blank and the
keyboard/mouse don't work. (The keyboard/mouse are plugged into
the back of the LCD into its USB hub.) There's also a Belkin
6-in-1 USB media card reader plugged into the other USB port in
the LCD hub.

When I switch the input from 'A' (Mac OS X) to 'B' (Linux), the
light on the card reader goes out. If I press a key, the light
comes back on (and stays on). The red light under the mouse
doesn't come on except if it's clicked -- and then goes back

If I look in /var/log/messages,, everything looks OK, i.e, there
are messaging saying how it found a USB hub (in the LCD) and
the mass storage device (the card reader).

After some searching, I found this:




for FreeBSD. Has an equivalent patch made it into the Linux

Any other suggestions on how to get this to work?

Note: I don't particularly care about have X11 work. I really
just want the LCD to display the text console.

- Paul