I have been using yellowdog v3.1 for quite some time when I got a new
usb mouse. Since I use macos9 some times, I updated the usb on my mac
partition (actually - I never installed usb on the mac boot in the
first place..). Immediately after that, the camera stopped mounting
right. Instead of seeing the pictures in the camera in the oddly
named subdirs, all I could see was a copy of /proc/bus/usb instead.
Other posts in these news groups seemed to have some answers as
sending an eject to /mnt/camera did indeed cause the camera to
panic(!), but nothing else happened and the camera still didn't look
right. To my dismay, the mac side could suddenly see the camera
perfectly! I got the images off the camera and reformatted the card.
It still didn't work. Something in one of the /var/log/messages
caught my eye; hotplug was reporting that the flash card in the camera
was 1GB?!? I ran fdisk /dev/sda and printed the partition table -
fat13 15xxxMb. I didn't do anything in fdisk, but just running it
told me that the card was not usbdevfs like mount kept telling me it
was. Taking the "auto" out of /etc/fstab and typing in vfat seems to
have fixed the problem for the moment...

Also it seems that /dev/sda is mounted multiple times. I don't know
what to do about that.

Just posting this incase it can help someone else.