I've been toying around with Yellow Dog on a PPC 5500 with G3 upgrade
and solved most of the problems but couldn't install Mandrake at all.
I've used Mandrake on x86 boxes previously.

Now I've got a G4 with 512 mb RAM, two hard disks, DVDROM, external USB
CDRW, stock video.

So far I've installed OSX and OS9 on a 40 GB drive currenty jumpered as
Master and have an empty 60GB drive sitting there waiting for me to do
something with it. I'd like to put BOTH Mandrake and YDL on the second
drive but am wondering about their requirements to be on a master/slave
drive. I think YDL wants to be on a master but don't know about Mandrake.

Q1. What would the partitioning scheme look like? Would Mandrake AND
YDL require their own partitions or can they coexist on same?

Q2. What kind of bootloader would exist once all installations done?

Q3. If I rejumper the drives making the Mac OSX&9 drive a slave will
that create problems when I want to boot into MacOS?

Q4. Is there a Mandrake 10 for PPC in the near future? I've got the
disks for 9.1 already, but would wait if there's about to be a new
version released.


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