My 10th patch for HFS and HFS+ shrink support is
available. Now it is for parted 1.6.10

You can download it at :

The patch includes lots of bug fixes and a little performance improvement.

I also have an already patched tarball available :
(it includes a little patch that fixes assertion position to :

To test this patch : download the parted-1.6.10 sources,
apply this patch, ./configure && make, run Apple Disk
First Aid on the volume you're going to resize, use
parted to resize it, run Disk First Aid on the result,
and report me bugs (if your system is still usable to do
so . Please report me any error message you get if you
have some. Note that it will now refuse to resize a journalled
HFS+ filesystem (you can bypass the test if you just want to
destroy your date), and there's no support for HFSx yet.

Enjoy !
Guillaume Knispel