Grzegorz Wieczorek wrote:
> Hi there
> uve downloaded 9.1 PPc
> i have 1 question:
> 1. with Nero and PC host

It's fine to use PC burning software...Just be sure to "burn as iso
image". I've used Roxio EZ CD Creator with success but don't know about
> 2. i may use toast at my mac

Toast "Lite" doesn't have the option of burning an iso image as a cd.
I've got Iomega's "Hotburn" but haven't checked it out yet.

> i ask because i have some trouble with booting (i press C of course ;->)

If you are installing on an "Old World" Mac, you cannot boot from CD.
It's not the CD's fault...It's the Old World Mac. If it's a New World
(starting with the Blue and White G3s) you can boot from the CD and use
the yaboot bootloader.

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