I've been trying to build and run the 2.6.4 kernel in yellowdog 3.0. I
have a powermac 1.24GHz quicksilver. The kernel builds fine (with
exeption from driver/usb/serial/whiteheat.c or something, but nothing
menuconfig can't handle), however when i boot the kernel it prints about
20 lines on the sceen with things like "kernel linked at: c000000" (the
address might not be correct). The last line says "openpic: exit".

Those lines stay there for about 1 minute while i can hear the harddrive
chewing away. After about a minute the kde login screen suddently pops
up, however the mouse and keyboard doesn't work. So i'm forced to do a
hard reboot of the computer.

The building and installation process is as follows:

1. after "make menuconfig" i type "make vmlinux"

2. i copy the vmlinux and system.map to /boot/2.6.4

3. i type "make modules" and after that "make modules_install"

4. i configure yaboot.conf

So my question is: what is going on?

The fact that the kde login screen comes up suggests something is
happening, however the whole bootup sequence where a lot of text is
printed on the screen is missing, it jumps directly from the kernel
messages to the login sreen.

Any thougts on this is appreciated.