Hi all,

I try to install Debian Linux 3.0 on a PowerMac4400/200 and I have some
troubles (of course).
I have the habit to install it on PC without trouble but now I am

1- Boot : After 2 weeks, I realize that the OpenFirmware screen open on
the serial port !!!! OK , I fix it. I use Quik 2.0e-0.6
-When I boot directly through Quik , the keyboard doesn't work, and if I
wait the time out, I see some stranges caracteres on the screen and it
refuse to boot !!!
-When I enter first in the OpenFirmware (autoboot=false in the OF) and
then directly type boot, I arrive on the Quik prompt and the keyboard
work, but again if i wait for the time out -> stranges caracteres and
refuse to boot, but as the keyboard work I can boot.
What can I do to boot automatically ? but keep Quik (I know the
parameter 'boot-file' but you loose the ability to select different

2- I have a network card : AsanteFast (rev.B) with a chipset PNIC
LC82C169B or LiteOn. I read that this chipset can be managed by the
driver 'tulip'.
Pb : I dont found this driver in /lib/modules/net only a ng_tulip who
seems to be a hack to work with NetGear board. it recognize my card but
it doesn't work. I read also that the driver should be IN the kernel
(2.2.20) but how to activate it as it seems to not detect my card
automatically .I try append="tulip=0x400,23,1" , but it doesn't work or
my command is not correct or Quik doesn't pass argument to the kernel as
Lilo does

3- As I can't activate the driver for my card, I try to install a other
kernel (2.4.18) from the Debian CD. And after I try to rebuild a new one
from source. In all the case after a reboot, the system stop on "adb:
finished probe task ..." and after nothing , I can only reboot .
Alway the same thing, with the kernel of Debian and/mine(s) .
Someone know which stupid little parameter I must activate in the config
to be able to boot on 2.4.18 ?


If you have an idea, a suggestion, an URL, every thing is welcome