Has anyone gotten ADB keyboards to function correctly in the 2.6
kernel? Whenever I've compiled a 2.6 kernel on my beige G3 (including
2.6.3) and I've booted using it, my ADB Extended II keyboard
completely scrambles the keys (i.e. "r" shows a "2", "j" equals the
Return key, etc.). The keyboard works fine in the classic MacOS and
all kernels up to the 2.4.24. I'm using SuSE PPC 7.3. I've compiled
gcc-3.3.3. I've compiled module-init-tools-0.9.15-pre4. I've
compiled binutils-

I've seen people mention a CONFIG_MAC_ADBKEYCODES function that some
say should, and some say should not, be added to the kernel's .config
file before compiling. I've tried adding this entry, and the compiler
clearly doesn't know what to do with it (and the end result still
doesn't work). Has anyone successfully compiled a version of the 2.6
kernel for their PowerMac and is using their ADB keyboard?

- Jon