I've gotten YDL 3.0.1 successfully installed on my Old World PPC5500
along with Mac OS9. 20gb allocated to each OS, with balance of 60 GB
disk unallocated. Problems still needing a resolution:

1) YDL says there's no sound card 'informational - artsmessage' says
"The sound server will continue, using the null output device" There's a
sound card in there and it works under MacOS, but not YDL. Sound Card
Probe likewise finds nothing.

2) Video card (ATI Mach64 3D Rage II) I selected Apple Multi Scan 15 AV
for monitor, but only one resolution is offered (800x600) which is OK
except the image is off center to the right and bows out at the edges.
The monitor adjustment in the back of the computer does nothing to
correct the problem. Could it be something I can modify by editing the
Xconfig files?

So far I've only installed MacOS 9.0 on the Mac side. When I do the
update to 9.1, install the driver for the Sonnet g3 400 card, and the
PCI USB card, will that possibly have any affect on the Linux installation?

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