I have an old powerbook 3400 that I am trying to install YDL 3 on. I
don't have a CDROM etc so I got the correct files onto the system and
I reboot succesfully into the setup. I go through the screens and
choose ftp and I put in the correct directory structure. It then says
that its getting it, and after a few secionds fails when it is trying
to get the first file. Its not the directory structure that I put in
and I am sure its not the ftp site. I have set up an internal ftp
server and tested that with no problems, as well as trying an external
ftp and http site and it seems to say that its getting smething but
then it allways fails saying it was unable to retrive the first file,
rather than it can't find or connect.

Does anyone know what the problem may be?