Hi all.
I just got a "blue and white" g3 iMac for free. The owner however kept the
hard disk, so I put in it another one I had around, with some *nix OS
I dont like MacOS and I want to install some unix-based OS.
When I boot the system with the install CD in, it looks like it's reading
from the cd, and then it just gets to the grey screen with the flashing
mac-logo/questionmark icon and nothing ever happens.
Holding down C during boot doesnt change anything, but holding down the alt
key (is that called the "option" key on Macs?) gets me to a slightly
different screen with two buttons, one with a cycling arrow and the other
with just an arrow.
In this screen the mouse is working too, but when I click the buttons
nothing really happens.
This imac came with an external floppy driver, so I have made a boot floppy,
but the floppy drive looks totally dead, the led never lights up.
Anyone know how to access this iMac's firmware console thing?
Any help on this will be appreciated.