I have an embedded system (power pc)
that's running linux v 2.4.18 (I'm sorry,
I do not know the exact distribution type).
There are no graphics support; so it
is not running X windows.

/etc/inittab show that it's running at
runlevel 3 (mult-user).

I specifiy a script to run
during bootup (specified it
in the "rc.local" file).

How do I autologin (that is,
bypass the login/password
prompts)? I know how to
do it on redhat KDE, but not
on this linux.

I tried changing it runlevel 1, but
then it bypasses that script that I
wanted to run automatically
during the bootup process.

Can someone shed some light
on how to bypass the login
prompt as well as run whatever
script that I want automatically?

Excuse my minimal knowledge of linux.
Thanks in advance for you help.